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mouse nest in blower fan
08-27-2009, 03:31 AM
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Question mouse nest in blower fan
Year: 2004
Model: sentra
Engine Size: 1.6
Auto/Manual: manual
Mileage: 40000

I have a mouse nest and/or mummified mouse corpses in my 2004 Nissan Sentra blower fan. Any attempt to run the fan higher than "2" results in massive noise and vibration as a result (not to mention the smell). However, I am DANGED if I can figure out how to get at the fan so I can clean it out. Can anybody tell me how to do this? I'm sweating in the summer and freezing in the winter--thanx
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08-27-2009, 09:40 AM
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RE: mouse nest in blower fan
If it's anything like the Sentra of past years you remove the glove box along with the kick panel below that and it will start to become obvious how to get the blower itself out.

When you get done you can spray some Lysol (or similar) at the air intake and let the blower push it through the ducts to help with the smell, although if it's really bad you may want to spend an extra few minutes to remove the whole blower case and wash it with hot water / soap.

DO NOT wash the motor itself. If the blower wheel is nasty you can clean that part without getting the motor wet.
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08-28-2009, 12:04 AM (This post was last modified: 08-28-2009 11:23 PM by retired.)
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RE: mouse nest in blower fan
All the time you thought that squeek was a bad bearing . Most mechanics have found just about everything. My best are a 3ft python , a female opossum with young . both times a game & fish officer removed subjects , snake to zoo , posum to woods. Best ever tho was a gold rope style necklace. Which I proudly presented to the owner and his wife. It turned out to belong to his girlfriend. Never did get a reward .
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08-28-2009, 02:29 AM
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Smile RE: mouse nest in blower fan
Thank you, Rupe--I'll give it a try when I get a chance.
Everything is so packed in and cramped, and I'm 6'2" and 240 lbs, I practically have to stand on my head to get under there.
We had a 1990 something Sentra and of course, the same thing happened, but with that one, at least I was able to figure out how to get the fan out. What a disgusting mess! Also with that car, the mice built a nest in the evaporator (I believe it's called), blocking off the drain hole, so water collected there (sounded like a babbling brook when you turned on the fan), then in the winter the whole thing froze and ruined the AC. I hate mice. I have to put a rubber cork in the end of my motorcycle muffler in the winter or the little devils will go in there and build a nest--I could tell you a lot of stories. I better get a couple of cats.
Hey, retired--like they say, be sure your sins will find you out. When you showed them that necklace I'll bet things got a bit awkward, huh? They're probably divorced by now.
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09-03-2009, 02:17 AM
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Problem resolved--for now
Well, like many things in life, it's fairly easy once you know how to do it.
Like you said, the key was to remove the glove box. There were a couple of plastic push pins that the glove box door hinged on. I pried those out and the box came out. Then a couple of screws to remove the catch that the box latches to when you shut it--it slides out. Then about 4 screws and a couple of plastic latches in the back to remove the plastic shroud behind the glove box, and that was sufficient for me to get at and remove the 3 screws that hold the blower in place. Press the little tab on the electrical plug and remove the plug from the blower, and out she came. Sure enough, there was a dead mouse in the squirrel cage fan. I even removed the squirrel cage from the motor and was able to clean it thoroughly. Hooray!
One other thing: I discovered that there was a filter in there behind the glove box. Never knew I had one. Turns out it's called a "Cabin Air Filter" and THAT'S where the actual nest was. What a mess getting that out. It was ruined, soaking wet--with mouse urine, no doubt (hence the smell I referred to)--and with a mass of mouse nest material on top of it. From the looks of it--dog hairs, lint, etc--it looks like the mouse got the material from an area where we empty our vacuum cleaner. Better than chewing out insulation or stuffing from the car. I see that these cabin air filters are available at places like Napa or Advance Auto Parts. Walmart? Don't know.
So that's fixed--for now. But fall and winter are coming and I'll bet this same thing will happen all over again. We live in a forested area and are constantly infested with mice.
Thanks much for your help. The next time this happens I can now fix it myself.

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09-03-2009, 10:11 AM
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RE: mouse nest in blower fan
The mice come in through the fresh air intake, which is located in the cowl area between the hood and windshield. Perhaps you can remove the wipers and the grille to see it clearly then fashion a piece of hardware cloth to block their path. (that's heavy screen screen available with 1/4" or 1/8" mesh)

While you are at it take a look at your air filter. Around here I find them filled up with dog food or bird food on a regular basis.

If the car is in a garage spread out some moth balls too. Mice hate that!
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09-04-2009, 01:19 AM
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RE: mouse nest in blower fan

Yes, I've heard that moth balls work. I had a collection of sunflower seeds in the compartment under my motorcycle saddle one year and after putting moth balls down in there it didn't happen again. I bet the fumes irritate their eyes and nose. And the first year I had the cycle, they stored sunflower seeds down in my muffler and it smelled like roasted sunflower seeds every time I rode it.
Somebody else told me that those sheets you put in your clothes drier, like Bounce, also repel mice but my results trying them in the garage are inconclusive.
As for the hardware cloth, yes, I put that in my air filter compartment but it fell away from the hole. If I can find that main point of entry I will try to block it off using the 1/4" size. The only thing I worried about was that by stopping them from getting to the blower area, they may go someplace else so deep into the ductwork that I'd never be able to get at it.

P.S. My cycle is a Kawasaki ZRX1200R, one of the finest pieces of machinery I've ever seen. Thirty some years ago I had the original 900 Z1, and I guess I got this one in some weird attempt to recapture my youth.
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09-04-2009, 09:57 AM
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RE: mouse nest in blower fan
The blower intake under the cowl is the only source of outside air so unless you have other holes in the body that should do it. (unless the mice learn how to open the doors!)

BTW, this is the time of year mice start heading inside so it's a good time to clean out the garage, set traps, and throw out a few moth balls. That should keep them from getting comfortable in your storage space.
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