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ac v-belt
08-16-2010, 08:45 PM
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ac v-belt
Need to knw how to change an ac belt on a 1998 plymouth grand voyager 3.0
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08-17-2010, 11:09 AM
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RE: ac v-belt
That's in a tight space and you will also need to remove the other belt (going from memory here) so might as well change them both.

On most years it's easier to see some things via jacking the car up and removing the splach shield behind the right front tire. USE PROPER STANDS to support the car if going this route.

Also recalling the AC does not have an auto tensioner so you losten the center nut on the idler pulley then spin the threaded adjuster till you have room to work the belt off. The proper tightness of the new belt is when you can twist it 90 degrees between your fingers. (on the longest run between pullies) Too lose and it will squeal, too tight and you will burn the bearings on the AC or the idler.

With the auto-tensioner on the other belt there's little room to work and there's' lots of spring tension so watch your fingers! Place a wrecch on the pulley nut and lever it to release the belt. Follow the diagram under the hood to route the new belt into place.

Hint: With these wide belts it's usually easier to save the largest pully till last when threading the belt into place. Depending on the year (can't recall) that may be the lower crank pulley or the water pump "hub" style pulley in front. This may require a helper for the novice mechanic.
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