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accessories on older cars
10-08-2010, 08:38 PM
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accessories on older cars
Anyone getting tired of trim items that go to hell for no special reason as a car ages? How about things that just stop working and really should not wear out?

I'm talking about falling head liners, arm rests that just start pealing away from the foam padding, plastic dash parts that bubble or separate from the sun, radios that have non functioning buttons even though the rest works, door gaskets that split, window switches (on the back doors) that fail to work, dome light covers that crack, split, turn browm from the heat of the bulb, head lights that get a haze from road dirt, and the list goes on. How about non-wear items like an AC evaporator or condenser? I can see a compressor wearing out but the other parts?

OK, I know it's all man made and has a limited life span but one would think the manufacturers should consider the trend of people keeping cars longer. After all, they can make a driveline that will last several hundred thousand miles with routine service, so what's up with the rest of the car?
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10-16-2010, 10:02 AM
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RE: accessories on older cars
I kind of blame this on US being pretty spoiled. I remember, as a kid, my Dad was the first guy in town to ever get a car to run over 100,000 miles. It was so unusual that the odometer went back to all zeros. The car wasn't expected to last that long. Now, everything is just EXPECTED to last. I watch young kids tossing their cell phones around like a baseball. When it quits working, they are upset at the poor quality. Hell man, it's a phone, a technological miracle that didn't even exist when I was a kid, NOT a hammer. The quality of things has come so far that we all seem to forget that things just wear out. All I have to do to remind myself of this is to look in the mirror.

I do hate it when things seem to fail for no reason but I'm still impressed to see vehicles that go a hundred thousand miles before they are even due for a tune up.

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10-16-2010, 10:34 AM (This post was last modified: 10-16-2010 10:36 AM by Rupe.)
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RE: accessories on older cars
Yes, I am amazed a car can go 100k on a tune, fan belts and brakes can last 50k these days but a tramsmission fails before 50k on many makes these days. Go figure!

Going back to pre WWII when my folks were growing up people saved forever to buy something and they kept it forever. I can't tell you how many things they had (which I have acquired over the years) that are still working. The lawnmower from 1952 finally gave up the ghost recently.... and not because the engine was shot but because the wheels broke free from the aluminum deck. The all tube stereo system my father bought in 1960 is still working but the solid state radio in my car is failing. The carpet and drapes they bought in the 50's is still in use but the fabric in my car is going to hell. (and I have no kids here) My father was the kind of guy who could get 100k on a clutch and 35k on a set of bias ply tires and he just figured if you were careful things would last.... like the 1952 Fridigair in my basement keeping my beer cold. That's kinda the way I figure it should be too.
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