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1999 vw golf 2.0L standard
11-26-2010, 03:02 AM
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1999 vw golf 2.0L standard
I recently bought a vw golf 99 the preveous owner metioned that he had changed the exhaust and its not welded so its noisy? i bought the car anyways i thought its was worth it anyways. On cold days the car make lots of noise(growling rumbling)from the motor or exaust.The heater pushes foul air and i suspect its exaust i dont use it. is it really important to seal the exhaust to insulate the sound and odor. all this is managable for now but i couldn't start my car, nothing happens it sounds like theres a small clic and nothing the starter doesnt turn.

I checked the batery its full and i try to turn key all light show up normal and there is no sounds comming from nothing a click and nothing. i push start and it works, my exhaust is loose and it make lots of noise but beside that the car works great, please help im lost without my car!!
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11-26-2010, 12:06 PM
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RE: 1999 vw golf 2.0L standard
If the battery is good you will need to determine if power reaches the starter motor when the key is turned, which would be the smaller terminal at the soleniod. If there's no power there it could be the ignition switch itself or the switch on the clutch pedal under the dash, as they do wear out. Also possible is a floor mat that is bunched up that does not allow you to push the clutch all the way down. If there's power to the small wire on the solenoid then you need to replace the starter asembly. Be sure the trany is in neutral and the brake is on while doing these tests!

On the noisy exhaust, it's not necessary to be welded in order for it to seal well but I will mention that most aftermarket systems are not as quiet as OEM and they may not always fit perfectly. IOW, rattles against the floor or the various heat shields are common. CO (carbon monoxide) does not have an odor and if you think there's an exhaust smell it's from the other compounds, not the CO. One way to check for exhaust leaks is to have someone hold a shop rag over the tail pipe while the engine is running. If it builds pressure it is sealed well enough.

As for the smell in the heater, it could be mold / mildew or dead mice, or any variety of foriegn matter that has gotten wet. (leaves, etc) Leaking coolant from the heater core will also smell (kinda of sweet) and will steam up the glass after a few minutes. Good chance you will need to remove the blower or at least the intake grille (by the windsshield wipers) to clean things out. As a general rule exhaust smell will not come in through the heater but could come in through any holes in the floor or a damaged trunk gasket.
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11-27-2010, 05:54 PM (This post was last modified: 11-27-2010 05:57 PM by paul holness.)
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RE: 1999 vw golf 2.0L standard
Hello i'm back i tested the starter i think? and it looks like no or little power is making it to the starter, i have limited tools and i'm working oustside and i havn't jacked the car yet i want to make sure its the starter. i call for the part and it seem that the starter for my version of golf cost 3 time the normal price(230$) i'm not sure if there is a nother model of starter i could get are i may have to find a scrap yard and get one there?
i'm still not sure i wire the starter test corectly i tested the line and curent passed to the starter but its lower then the pole current i.m thinking maybe the cable is to big?

The starter is hard to get at because the solonoid is on top and connected to the batery and alternator , is there a access to the pole of the starter itself, are do i wave to use the contacts from the solonoid?
i added some pics of the starter and the solonoid adapter.

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11-27-2010, 06:20 PM (This post was last modified: 11-27-2010 06:21 PM by Rupe.)
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RE: 1999 vw golf 2.0L standard
Yes, that's an expensive starter from anywhere although with a few phone calls you may find one a bit cheaper. Personally I'd stay away from a junk yard unit unless you happen to find one that looks fairly new. (already been replaced) Of course you'd need to find a salvage yard that will let you examine one before you take it out and many places will not let the general public into the yard area to help themselves these days.

If you suspect there's a voltage drop on the large cable the first thing I would do is clean both battery connections and the connections to the starter. Do the starter end while the battery is disconnected! Also check got a good connection on the negative cable where it goes to the engine. After you do that give it a try with the head lights on. If you hear the click and the lights stay fairly bright you will need to replace that starter. If the lights go dim or almost out you either have a bad battery or still have a bad connection. If you are not sure about the battery try substituting one that you know is good.

BTW, that last picture has nothing to do with the starter.

Keep us posted and hopefully we can get this ironed out before I go on vacation in a few days.
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11-28-2010, 06:04 PM (This post was last modified: 11-28-2010 06:06 PM by paul holness.)
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RE: 1999 vw golf 2.0L standard
1999 Volkswagen Golf Reliability
Starting & Charging An occasional problem on this vehicle is the failure of the Ignition Switch. Problems with the Ignition Switch can prevent the engine from starting. Starting & Charging An occasional problem on this vehicle is the failure of the Ignition Switch. Problems with the Ignition Switch can prevent the engine from starting. The cost to replace the Ignition Switch is estimated at $27.50 for parts and $136.50 for labor.

I have been researching and found this. the starter switch(relay) if i listen carefully in the fuse and swith panel i here a small clic but nothing happens after that. I dont think that the starter is the problem i doesnt seem to be getting power and the bushing seem fine i really hope that thers a quick fix here and thats its a wire or a switch relay and not the starter. I 'm having a hard time figuring out where the starter switch is located in the fuse box (electrical diagram) if i find it how do i test the part?
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11-28-2010, 07:29 PM
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RE: 1999 vw golf 2.0L standard
This is why I mentioned checking to see if power reaches the starter via the smaller wire but I forgot this car may have a relay in the fuse block too, although that's usually rese3rved for the auto trany option on most cars.

The starter switch is the ignition switch. (where you put the key) to access this you must remove the covers on the steering column and probe the wires with a test light. Not sure of the colors but there will be a large wire that is hot all the time and the others are ignition (key on), accessories only (key in the accessory position), and the starter. (holding the key in the crank position)

Here's the tricky part.... if you have power in the crank position you need to follow it down to the switch connected to the clutch pedal and see if it comes out the other side when depressed. This may require a helper. If it goes that far then look in the fuse box. There should be a lable telling you which relay is for the starter and you will need to probe that to see if the power goes that far.

BTW, good chance there are several relays with the same part number so you can swap them around as a test before buying anything.

Of course the other test is directly at the starter solenoid where you can rig a wire to feed 12 volts directly to that small terminal. If the engine cranks at least you know if the starter itself is ok. You may want to do this test first to save some time just in case it really is a bum starter.
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