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2000 Navigator - Won't Start
01-16-2011, 12:25 PM
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2000 Navigator - Won't Start
Here is what has been going on... I feel so sad and upset about my truck.. and being a woman/single/clueless.. this can be horribly expensive... so I found this site and I am hoping someone can help:

My truck sat in shop for a day and half... and it started every time for the mechanic.. WHY? cause the temp was above 20
As soon as it goes to teens.. its won't start.. so this is my 3rd day of my truck not starting in my driveway... and there isn't anything worse then feeling stranded:

I have put a new battery in it..
FILLED the gas tank
Put antifreeze fuel stuff in it.

I hear it trying to start and kick over..
Its backed fired
it sounds like its gonna.. but then doesn't

my friend's bf came over.. knocked on gas tank.. and he got it to start

BUT the shop said they couldn't rule out the fuel pump.. Why? cause it NEVER MESSED UP FOR THEM...

soo.. I have had people say.. Maybe Fuel Filter?? Maybe Starter Relay??
When I try to start it.... No lights that are abnormal go on.

I don't know.. BUT I am a WOMAN.. SINGLE.. and I can't afford to put this thing in the shop and have NO idea what is wrong..
And what kills me is that because it starts.. its NOT giving the repair shop any "codes"

Any CLUE? I would appreciate any help with this matter.. thanks SOO MUCH! Bren... stranded in MICHIGAN
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01-16-2011, 08:22 PM
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RE: 2000 Navigator - Won't Start
I would lean towards a fuel pump just due to the age and the fact that a weak pump will not always set a troube code... BUT... the proper way to do the diagnosis would be to check the easy stuff first, like fuel pressure. Low pressure will cause hard starting cold and it may be close enough once it's warmer. The other thing is to have someone who is sharp with a scan tool look over the readings from the various temp sensors as anything too far out of spec will cause hard starting but again, no trouble codes unless they fail completely AFTER the engine starts and is warmed up. Same with a partially colgged fuel filter. (more of the easy stuff) The point is everything must be PERFECT when the temps dip that low.
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