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chevy cobalt
01-22-2011, 03:40 PM
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chevy cobalt
my son gave a jump on his 2007 chevy cobalt and hooked the jumper cables to the fuse box instead of the battery now the engine light is on the pwer steering and is revving up like the transmission is not going into gear
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01-22-2011, 04:07 PM
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RE: chevy cobalt
Before you jump to conclusions it would be best to check ALL of the fuses with a test light and have a close look at that terminal where he put the jumper cable. It's likely that small terminal is tied into the battery with a fusible link, which is a piece of wire meant to melt if the draw is too much. IOW, similar to a high amp fuse. What you can't usually see is the fact that it burns out internally so the easiest way to chec k it is to give it a tug. If it seems to stretch rather than pull tight then it's an open circuit.... which may be what's supposed to feed those things you say are not working correctly.

As a temporary fix / test you can fashion another piece of wire to see if that solves your problems but for the long haul you really need to get the proper replacement for protection of the components. Very likely a "dealer only" part to get the exact one.

BTW, if that smaller terminal is after the fuse box (electrically speaking) there may be a large (maxi) fuse blown. Check with a test light and look close at the ones that are 50 amps and heavier. The later GM cars do typically have accessory terminals next to the fuse block which are tied into these bigger fuses.

Let us know how you make out here.
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