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ardly feasible - although you might have all it takes to pull it off, the odds are against you 0% 0 0%
you will need professional assistance - if you are not given the right information at the right moments, you risk failing to end up with a vehicle that is sellable 0% 0 0%
it depends - we need more information to estimate your chances of success 0% 0 0%
others like you have succeed, and others have failed. It will mostly depend on your luck 0% 0 0%
a DIY-minded self-teaching engineer with hundreds of hours on his hands ? There's no obvious reason for you to screw it up ! 0% 0 0%
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introduction, question about forum scope
04-27-2011, 06:00 AM
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Rolleyes introduction, question about forum scope
Hi everyone,

I'm a 28 year old computer engineer, currently voluntarily unemployed, and planning a trip to New England for leisure purposes.

Where I live I'm a public transportation user, and when I travel I usually rent a car. However, given my status, I am planning to stay longer than usual (5 to 8 weeks), and the costs of renting for such a long time are bigger than my budget allows for. I am thus considering buying a second-hand car, fixing and improving it as much as I will be able to, and selling it before I leave.

I believe I am a fast and autonomous learner in regard to all things technical. I've been interested in auto mechanics for a long time without having the time to delve into it up to now. I am willing to spend a lot of time doing the required reading and research in order to achieve this project, and I think I would enjoy doing so, it would be like starting a new hobby for me. I enjoy learning for myself, and I am the type of guy who asks for help in understanding his problems, as opposed to requesting solutions from other folks.

However, my experience with under-the-hood automobile issues is very minimal. I also know very little about the economic and commercial aspects that relate to motor vehicles, so I will be seeking some advice in that field as well as purely technical help.

In a nutshell, I'm wondering if this is the right forum for me. I'm perfectly willing to hear that it isn't, and that it is a purely technical-focused place.
More precisely, I am wondering whether there would be people in this forum who would be willing to counsel me with the buying part of my project: steering me clear of brands or models for which the spare parts are too hard or expensive to purchase, giving me a general idea of the consumer demand for certain models so I can manage to sell the thing before I leave, etc. etc.

Thanks for reading ! All answers, reactions, observations and pointers will be greatly appreciated.
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04-27-2011, 10:44 AM (This post was last modified: 04-27-2011 10:54 AM by Garner.)
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RE: introduction, question about forum scope
I think that we might be able to provide some of the information that you are looking for. I didn‘t check any of the options on the Poll because I didn‘t like any of the choices. I would think that the chances of success depend on many things. Proper automotive repair depends on many things. Knowledge, ability, tools, money, time, determination… Only you will know if you can provide these.

The very first thing that I would recommend you look into is tools. Without the proper tools you won’t be able to accomplish much. Even a small set of “Good” tools can add a lot to the cost of your project. You will also need a place to keep the tools. I recommend the “Craftsmen” brand as they have a lifetime guarantee, they aren’t terribly expensive, & you can find a Sears store anywhere you go. While looking at tools there are some things that many people don’t think of. Safety is very important so you will want to put things like Safety Glasses, Jack Stands, a Fire Extinguisher, Drain Pans, & Rags on your list. A Tool Box is a good way to protect and organize your tools. If you have a garage or smooth surface to work on a Creeper is a nice option.

As far as Auto brands go I would suggest GM, Ford, or Chrysler for the best parts availability. I prefer GM but there are others here that are very knowledgeable on other brands.

Please read the “Forum Announcement” if you haven’t already. It will give you a better idea of how to make a good post that will help us to help you. Get back to us with more specific questions and we’ll see what we can do

Thanks for using the forum,

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