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1997 jeep no spark,won't start
06-27-2011, 04:54 PM
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1997 jeep no spark,won't start
I replaced the engine and heater core in my 1997 Jeep grand cherokee laredo, now it won't start, get spark or gas, and i have 3 wire plugs that i don't know were they go. 1) is behind the speedo cluster, its gary w/ Purple, Orange-black, Black-green and white wires..2) is by the oil filter, it is yellow inside and the wires are Red-light green, Black-green and Yellow-black...3) is by the battery, and is a Blue-orange and Black wire...dose any one know were these suppose to plug into?????

the engine is getting no spark when i trun it over no gas is going in nither. i already tried TDC and redoing the spark plug wires, I tested the coil, and distrbutor cap all is getting power.
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06-28-2011, 07:57 PM
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RE: 1997 jeep no spark,won't start
I can’t tell you where those wire plugs go but I suspect that getting them plugged in can only help you. When I am helping someone with this type of problem I usually grab the visible plug end and move it around slowly. Since the other end has to reach it to plug in you should find it in that radius. That is providing that the transplanted engine is identical to the one it is replacing. Even the same year of engine can be equipped with different sensors and accessories depending on how the vehicle is equipped. Look at the old engine and make sure that you moved over any temperature sensors, knock sensors, etc.

Please let us know if this helps & if you get it running.

Thanks for using the forum,

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