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98 chrsler concorde trans help
08-09-2011, 01:18 PM
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98 chrsler concorde trans help
98 chrysler concorde lxi, 3.2, 130,000 miles, southeastern wisconsin.

i think it's the transmission. i am not much for drive train repair so this is new to me. never dealt with trans problems before.

i overshot neutral into reverse going about 10 mph yesterday. the car didn't jump when i did it, i believe the safety just put in neutral anyways. the next time i got in the car i put it in gear and started going i noticed a clunk, the car jumped slightly, and the speedometer ceased to work. i still have all the gears (including reverse), but in any of the drive gears there is considerable deceleration when i let off the gas (feels a lot like downshifting in a manual), however i do not have this when i manually switch to neutral, in which case it rolls fine.

i should also mention that it has needed front end work for some time. steering wobble, pulse when the brake is depressed. the whole works, i just don't drive it that much so i haven't gotten to it.
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08-09-2011, 09:33 PM
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RE: 98 chrsler concorde trans help
If the speedometer still isn't working it is likely that you have a bad "Output Speed Sensor." You could confirm this with a computer scan. You will have to go somewhere where they have a high end "Scanner" as most "Code Readers" won't access the transmission. Record all of the code NUMBERS, post those numbers here, and have the computer cleared.

If the OSS is bad your transmission is probably in "Limp Mode." That means that it is stuck in one gear enough to let you "Limp" to safety. The "Check Engine" light should also be on. The computer does this since it needs to know how fast the car is moving to know what gear to use. With no speedometer it doesn't know when to shift.

If it is the speed sensor they are usually not all that expensive, under 20 bucks each. I usually replace them both; Input & Output, at the same time.

Please let us know what you find.

Thanks for using the forum,

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08-12-2011, 01:30 PM (This post was last modified: 08-12-2011 01:52 PM by fausty.)
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RE: 98 chrsler concorde trans help
ok thanks. i ordered a scanner before i realized it may not access the problem, but i haven't got it yet. however in this model, you can depress the odometer reset while turning the key and get the codes though there, which i did. i get 0, (which may be just a starting point), then 247898. if the last 6 are truncated odb II codes (p0247, p0898) it wouldn't makes sense, as p0247 is a turbo issue (which i don't have), and p0898 doesn't exist from what i can tell.

maybe one of you can make sense of these. if it helps i can shoot a video of the dash and up it to youtube so you can watch. let me know.


actually, here you go:
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