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10-05-2011, 09:13 PM
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While talking to my local dealer parts man yesterday I hear a loud crash and all kinds of shouting in the background. It was enough that I had to repeat my parts order to make sure we got everything. At that point I asked what all the noise was and was told that a vehicle just "fell" from the lift in their shop. Huh? Vehicles just don't fall unless there's a mechanical failure or the lift was not set correctly. Since I know most of the guys there from living in town for the last 45 years I asked who was involved and if anyone was hurt. "It was the new guy. You don't know him" was the response. I mentioned the customer was probably going to be upset. "No, it was a new vehicle being preped for delivery" I was calmly told.

At any rate, here's a dealer with over 50 years in town and a guy who is supposed to know what he is doing makes a mistake. I know the lifts are new enough that they are still under warranty so it's not an age related problem, so likely human fault is the culpret.


BTW, for video of "cars falling from a lift" just type that into the search box on You Tube. They also have some interesting "testing" of various lifts that supposedly comply to national standards but don't make the cut.
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