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brake problem
10-09-2011, 01:54 AM
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Sad brake problem
I have a 1999 nissian altima automatic. I just replaced new rotors for both side left & right & also replaced brake pads for both side left & right for the front only. I have driven it 70 miles on the freeway, it is dragging when i apply the brakes. What cause this to happen? & What do you correct it.Sad
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10-09-2011, 08:44 AM
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RE: brake problem
I have seen this happen for several different reasons. One can be a sticking caliper. Another can be a collapsed brake hose. And a couple of times I have seen where a mechanic had taken the caliper off to work on the brakes and; when reinstalling the caliper, they put a "twist" in the brake hose. It looked almost OK with the wheels straight ahead but when the wheels were turned it would "kink" the line shut.

The easiest way I know to start checking is to get the front of the vehicle off the ground and properly supported. Step on the brakes and then go out and see which wheel doesn't release. Remove that tire so you have access to the bleeder. Get the bleeder broken loose and working freely then re-tighten it. Apply the brakes again to get them stuck on. Now loosen the bleeder. If that frees up the brakes the rubber hose is most likely damaged. If that doesn't free them then the caliper is most likely sticking.

One last scenario that I have encountered is that the master cylinder is holding pressure on the brakes. This will usually hold at least two; sometimes all four, wheels on. Here again, start with the simple, inexpensive, and easy things first. Check to make sure that the pedal is returning the whole way. Pull up on the pedal to see if the brakes release. No carpeting or floor mats stuck holding it on? Pedal return spring in place and not broken? If the simple things check out then it is most likely a bad master cylinder.

Please let us know what you find.

Thanks for using the forum,

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