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1994 Grand Am 4 cylinder brake issue
09-05-2012, 01:58 AM
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1994 Grand Am 4 cylinder brake issue
had to replace a couple of brake lines on 1994 Grand Am. Also replaced master cylinder. Now having hard time getting brakes bled, Had to take ABS module off to replace master cylinder. Can get fluid to front brakes and to master cylinder bleeder, but cannot get fluid to back brakes. there are gears on abs module that mesh with gears on master cylinder, could they be out of time causing my problem? If so are there timing marks toline up the gears? Any other suggestions?
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09-05-2012, 10:44 AM
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RE: 1994 Grand Am 4 cylinder brake issue
First we need to get the terminology straight. The ABS module is a sealed electronic part with a mulit-pin connector that mounts on the ABS pump assembly, which has a motor with two large wires. The pump assembly has all the brake lines connected to it. (usually 5 or 6 brake lines) The only thing that might have gears is the motor that drives the pump. This is not something you should take apart and may cause you issues later on. If you happened to remove this I don't recall any timing marks to line up.

As for getting fluid to all the wheels, first you need to bleed the master cylinder. To do so you need a helper to work the pedal and you will crack open each line right at the MC till the fluid runs clear. Bleed the line closest to the firewall first. (this is for the front brakes) when that is done then move to the other fitting. Once the MC is done then move to the front wheels and then the rear wheels. You must do the MC before anything else or you will not be able to build pressure to the rest of the system!

My best guess is based on the car's age so you probably replaced the line going the length of the car due to it rusting out. That's a LONG line and will require many rounds of pumping / bleeding. Work in long slow strokes of the pedal. If there's still no fluid to the rear try pumping a dozen times then open a front bleeder again and push the pedal till you feel a "bump" in the travel. This will be the proportioning valve resetting which will allow fluid to the rear. Do not press hard on the pedal till you get a firm pedal or you will need to repeat this again.

If the brake light on the dash is lit when done you will need to crack a front or rear bleeder and press the pedal slowly but firmly till you feel the "bump" again. That will center the valve for normal driving.

Let us know how you make out.
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