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2000 impala
11-29-2012, 12:39 AM
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RE: 2000 impala
Sorry for the delay. Had it in the shop today. We pulled 3 codes ... PO741, PO742, PO756. The first 2 are TCC codes, the last said something about a valve or something. They all pointed to bad news internally. I did some reading on these transmissions and came to the conclusion that if it was not completely shot and even if all electrical was removed or bad, it should still have 2nd and reverse. I pulled the pan today and found what was left of 3rd gear parts in the pan. The filter weighed heavy and was plugged. I cleaned everything, replaced the filter and fluid. It works like brand new, other than still not having 3rd gear ( which has been missing for about a year) It shifts smooth and doesn't slip a bit. My question is how long will it last? I forgot to mention that the previous owner replaced a cracked housing (axle I think) because he thought that had something to do with it. Maybe the debri came from that and the shift solenoid is just bad. Anyway, it seems weird that, with what I dumped out the pan, it should even work at all.

Thank you,
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