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Electrical issues?
07-23-2013, 12:09 PM
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Electrical issues?
I have a 2002 Isuzu Axiom. I'm having 2 problems and I'm not sure if they are related. 1. My door locks for every door except the drivers door will not lock or unlock using the remote or the locking switch on the door panel. I think this my be a module problem can you confirm this also is the module located under the window buttons on the door panel and would a faulty one make the drivers side window hesitate when going up to the closed position. 2. what would cause my windshield wipers not return to the park position.?
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07-23-2013, 09:15 PM
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RE: Electrical issues?
Wild guess is you have several separate problems but some may be tied together.

Door locks and wipers will be tied together via the Body Control Module so worth having someone with experience scan the system for any trouble codes. OTOH, the wipers may be a stand alone issue where the park contacts in the motor or the pulse board (intermittent wiper control) may be at fault.

Door locks all go through the switch on the drivers door but that switch controlls a relay elsewhere that is also hooked up to the BCM for using the remote. The switch on the drivers door usually does the drivers door directly without going through the relay system so here's what I would do. Sit in the car and try using the remote. If you can hear the relay clicking then locate it and trouble shoot the system from there. If there's no relay sound then go for a scan of the system to see what the BCM is doing. (or if it's got trouble codes) If the remote does do the driver's door only then I suspect a BCM issue anyway.

The window may just be an old age issue. The tracks get dirty / sticky with time and the motor may me tired as well. I would remove the door panel to clean and lube all of the moving parts before going further. Use a quality silicone spray on the glass guides and some light grease on the metal parts. That may solve your problem.

Last but not least, all of the wires for the windows and locks go through the drivers door to the body and those wires flex each time the door moves. Guess what? They eventually break! This may or may not be a contributing factor to your door lock problem but worth looking at while things are open for inspection.
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