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2004 Grand Cherokee no TCC engagement
09-22-2013, 09:50 AM (This post was last modified: 09-22-2013 10:01 AM by Jimmy.)
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RE: 2004 Grand Cherokee no TCC engagement
Thanks Rupe! I deliberately tried to keep my initial post short... I'm working with Snap-On Modis. Only 104K miles on it. My buddy just bought it... temp plate still on it. It's got the 4.0L and runs great. He has a 2001 GC as well, which has been slowly losing coolant into the oil so engine is now junk but trans in that was recently rebuilt. I'm hoping they are the same transmission...
I believe this has the 42RE but have not figured out how to confirm that. I only found a barcode sticker for any numbers on it. And the pan number, which is 52118779AD.

What I see happening is the PCM isn't commanding the TCC to engage. Scanner Troubleshooter is useless LOL, by symptom there is no menu for TCC not engaging. It is not setting any codes. I'm more familiar with GM then Jeep, but I'm pretty sure the PID for TC-SOL should change to "on" if it's commanded on regardless of it's condition. Can anyone confirm this???

Without listing them all out, all other PID's are normal including trans temp. I have a trans guy I can call next week...

Thanks Garner!
That makes sense IF TCC-SOL PID doesn't change to "on" unless solenoid is successful vs just being commanded?? I suspect it's waiting to see gov press come up before commanding TCC-SOL. Apparently whatever it's doing (or not doing) isn't seen as a problem by the pcm as it's not generating any codes. All readiness monitors are done except EVAP. I've driven it 3 times from cold start... don't know how many miles LOL. Additional info in my reply to Rupe...

Haven't dropped pan yet. Fluid looks a little old, dirty, but not bad. Not burnt.
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