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2004 Grand Cherokee no TCC engagement
10-02-2013, 12:19 PM (This post was last modified: 10-02-2013 01:27 PM by Jimmy.)
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RE: 2004 Grand Cherokee no TCC engagement
Thanks for more input. I'm currently still trying to determine if trans in his old jeep (2001) is interchangeable with this one (2004)... the 01 LOOKS different to me. Pan is definitely different on the bottom but not sure if different shape/bolt pattern. And of course, don't have both jeeps here at once. Meanwhile, he's driving the 04 without any trouble at all except no TCC engage. I have trans shop connections and so far (diagnosis by symptom over phone...) is it's most likely control problem. I can activate the tcc solenoid with my scanner and hear it click. When I get the jeep back, I will back probe the circuit and make sure the computer is indeed not commanding it. But so far the consensus is that if the ecm is commanding the tcc, it should show such on the scan data and then should set a code.
Also, pan doesn't look like it's been off recently (if ever).
UPDATE: determined both trans are the 42RE and interchangeable. Nice to know he has a spare! Will update when/if I ever proceed with diagnosis.
But my final question for the board is for confirmation that scan data should show TCC solenoid "ON" when called for, regardless of condition of it or the tcc itself. (not surprising if no-one really knows!)
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