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'90 B2600 manual shifting problem
11-01-2013, 11:03 PM
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'90 B2600 manual shifting problem
I have a '90 Mazda B2600i (5 spd Manual, 4x4) pickup that has just over 100,000 miles on it. Recently I broke down in the middle of the road. It wouldn't go anywhere when I put it in gear. I took it to a Mazda dealer and they replaced the clutch... for $1500.00!

When I picked it up, the clutch felt kind of loose (ie: It didn't take much pressure to push it down to the floor). Even so it was working fine for about a week or two and then I couldn't put it 5th gear or reverse. I took it back and now they are saying it's the transmission.

I can't believe that both that clutch and the transmission would both die the same time. It was working perfectly and ran great before the clutch issue. I hardly even drove it. Which is why it only had barely 100k and was 23 years old.

So my questions are: Does $1500 sounds fair to replace a clutch? Does it sound suspect that they both died? Is the transmission issue possibly related to them not doing the clutch correctly since it was so loose?

Aside from the Mazda dealer replacing the clutch, they said there was an axle that was bad. I had them do that too, another $500. Then we needed tires and a new battery, both of which I was aware of before I took it to them. Never the less, that was another $750.00. So in all, I spent about $2800 on the truck in the last few weeks (haven't paid it all off yet) and now they say the transmission is bad!
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11-02-2013, 11:31 AM
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RE: '90 B2600 manual shifting problem
There are a lot of variables to consider that I can’t look at from here so I’ll need you to provide more information for me.

Does it have a Cable or Hydraulic clutch?

Has anyone tried to Adjust or Bleed the clutch?

If you are sitting still; with the engine running, and trying to put it in reverse, what exactly happens? Does it grind? Just won’t go but no grinding? What happens if you let the clutch out, push it back down, & then try again?

I am assuming that you are going down the road in 4th gear & try to shift to 5th when you say that it won’t go? What happens then? Grinding? Shifter won’t move? Shifter goes into 5th slot but it feels like you are in neutral?

Fill in those details so I can give you a more educated guess at what’s going on.

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11-02-2013, 11:53 AM
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RE: '90 B2600 manual shifting problem
Recalling the Mazda has 5th and reverse on the same side of the pattern so likely a linkage issue, although the linkage is internal. Could be a worn bushing right on the bottom of the shifter itself or something more complicated. As for the "feel" of the clutch, most Aisian vehicles with OEM parts do feel rather soft (easy pedal effort) and if the previous parts were aftermarket there would be an obvious difference.

Using an on-line price estimator shows it could be in the $800 range but there's lots of variables with a vehicle that old. IOW, not just the clutch itself but maybe a flywheel, slave cyl, trany fluid, broken / frozen bolts, etc. that could add up quickly.

Let us know what they find. It may help someone else reading this forum.
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